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Krav Maga Classes

Classes will be every Monday and Wedneday starting March 12th!

No Contracts! Just pay a monthly membership or upgrade your current membership. 

We are bringing Krav Maga back. What is Krav Maga? It is the official combat system for the Israeli Defense Forces and preferred by the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement agencies. Simplistic and instinct-derived, Krav Maga is quickly learned and implemented even under extreme situations and duress. This principal based self defense helps in developing the tools and mindset needed to survive a dangerous, violent and potentially lethal situation. Classes will involve some basic combative techniques, self defense scenarios and some weapons training and defense. 

The class will be instructed by two experienced krav maga instructors. Bruce Politowski and Pjeter Berishaj have 20 years of combined experience in training and teaching krav maga to law enforcement, military and civilians from all walks of life and to all ages. 

Lineage for Both instructors:

Imi Lichtenfeld < Darren Levine < Pawel Cichowlas < Pjeter Berishaj

Imi Lichrenfeld < Darren Levine < Pawel Cichowlas < Bruce Politowski







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